Frequently Asked Questions

1) Do you provide Encapsulation Solutions?

We provide Encapsulation solutions as per your requirement as Umang Pharma Stands for Encapsulation Solutions

2) Available particle Size in micron / Mesh Size
3) What are the colors available?
4) Does Spheres Color leach?
5) Does Spheres Suspend in Cosmetic formulation?
6) What is the bulk Density of the Spheres?
7) What are the shapes available for Actifilms
8) Is your product Synthetic or Natural based?
9) Do you provide Regulatory Support?
10) Do you provide technical Support?
11) What is shelf life of the product?
12) Do you have dissolving & non Dissolving Spheres?
13) Do you have busting effect Spheres?
14) Are your product water / oil soluble?

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